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Our Astrologer – Mr. Sri Srikishore Jha has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject of Astrology, Tantra & Meditation. His predictions and Remedies are based on complex calculations and interpretation done in the field of Vedic Astrology & Sadhana.

There are times when you have a question(s) for which you need to have a urgent answer but for some reasons you do not have accurate Birth Details. There is a special branch of Vedic Astrology known as Horary Astrology or the Prashna Kundli System wherein an experienced astrologer is able to answer your question very accurately . In this system also all the parameters like Houses, Planets and Nakshtras are taken into calculation along with numbers also and hence is very reliable like vedic astrology and fortunately your way out to your curiosity in the absence of birth data.

“Vedic”, comes from the word “Veda” in Sanskrit, which means knowledge, in a very broad context. Vedic knowledge embodies every area of human experience. Thus not only spiritual, but medical, political, technical, cultural, and astrological areas of study were to be found in the Sanskrit Vedic writings. Although in modern times Vedic culture and Vedic astrology readings were most closely followed in India, historical writings in the Vedic scriptures record an intellectually and spiritually advanced culture going back in human society to over 5,000 years ago.

Vedic astrology (called “Jyotish”, or the science of light) comes to us from India since times pre-dating the Christian era. It was not experimentally contrived, but rather perceived through enlightened vision by the ancient sage Parasara, who is considered the original author of the Vedic texts. Only until recently have Vedic astrology readings been made available to people in western countries and around the world.

Vedic philosophy and Vedic astrology readings assume the law of karma, which states that a human being lives and works within certain parameters created by actions performed in prior lifetimes. Thus it is generally regarded as predictive in nature — it can show when the results of such prior actions will come to fruition in the present life. Robert Koch has a special skill in defining the nature of karma in his astrology readings, both regarding the past life and in the present life as well.

People in western countries have recently become interested in Vedic astrology and Vedic astrology readings, since collective trends toward advancement in consciousness now require different tools with which to give definition to the challenges of life. Given that people of all cultures are at a crossroads in their collective spiritual development, Vedic astrology is rapidly becoming known as a very effective tool in giving clarity to resolving the dilemmas of life. Astrology can be a useful tool to help you plan your life and make decisions. Whether it is for business or home, an astrological reading provides an overview of the situation, the large perspective. We all need the view from the mountain-top from time to time. Vedic astrology is a form of astrology derived from the traditions of ancient India. Because of this, Vedic Astrology is particularly good for those who do yoga or meditate, or are interested in ayurvedic medicine.

A thorough study of this Natal Chart at the hands of an experienced astrologer can tell about almost all the life events of the past, present as well as in future like Health, Wealth, Education, Marriage, Children, Family, Social Status etc. Our astrologer will be providing you with all the important information about your life which you always wanted to know along with various types of Remedies for problems that he foresee in your horoscope after analyzing the various Houses, Planets, Rashis, Dashas and combination of planets ( Yogas ) in various houses.

Our Vedic Horoscope Life Report will cover the following important aspects of your life after the same has been analyzed thoroughly by our eminent astrologer Mr. Srikishore jha. Not only this we will simultaneously suggest you very simple safe and effective remedies if there are any problems in any of these areas of your life, so that you are able to lead a more Happier, Healthier, Wealthier and a purposeful Life.

  • Physical & Mental attributes
  • Family & Social Status
  • Parents & Brothers & Sisters
  • Wealth, Vehicles and Properties
  • Education & Qualification , Love & Romance
  • Health & predisposition to any particular diseases/s, Enemies etc.
  • Marriage, Career, Partnerships etc
  • Your luck, attitude towards religion and Higher Education
  • Business Finances & Career
  • Your Profits, Earnings and wealth accumulation
  • Foreign Tours, Trade and Relations
  • Purchase of Property
  • Romance and marriage predictions
  • Children & their Education
  • Foreign travel etc.